Kiah’s Plover Report, 7/29/2021

“We had one more plover chick fledge this week (running a total of 13 from 6 broods). We currently have at least 20 unfledged chicks from 14 broods. Unfortunately, chicks are continuing to disappear, probably as a result of predation, poor weather, or some combination thereof. There’s one more nest still being tended by an adult, but I’m not sure if it will hatch. Similarly, there are only a few pairs of terns left defending nests or chicks. As of this week, we have three least tern fledglings.”
“On a lighter note, I wanted to provide an update on banded plover “591,” which I mentioned back in May. 591 was a female banded on Ocracoke Island, NC last fall. She nested on the refuge and began raising her chicks, but she left when they were about two weeks old. Females often depart before their chicks fledge, leaving the males to tend the chicks until they can fly (at about four weeks). 591’s mate managed to fledge three chicks! 591 herself has since been seen back on Ocracoke Island.”
Featured Photo: K. Walker/USFWS

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