Andy Griffith is the founder of Plum Island Outdoors.

Bill Sargent and Sandy Tilton contribute time and energy to Plum Island Outdoors.  Bill is the “Subject Matter Expert” (SME) on beach erosion, in particular with Plum Island.  Sandy walks just about every day on Plum Island taking pictures and shooting video.  Sandy is to taking photographs as Bill is to writing books.  Both are prolific in their mediums of choice!

Andy Griffith,

Andy at the Hellcat Interpretive Trail


Bill Sargent,

Bill Sargent on WNBP Local Pulse

is the author of over 20 books about science and the environment, including “Islands in the Storm”, “Plum Island 4000 Years on a Barrier Beach”, “Plum Island 2016”, and “Crab Wars: A Tale of Horseshoe Crabs, Bioterrorism, and Human Health”.  His latest book is “Plum Island 2017, The Resurrection”.  Bill is an advisor to Plum Island Outdoors, Inc. and leads beach tours with and nature photographer Sandy Tilton.

Sandy Tilton,

is the Official Photographer for Plum Island Outdoors.  Sandy grew up in Ipswich and spent most of her free time at Crane Beach,  Crane Castle, and Plum Island,  particularly Sandy Point,  of course!  Sandy’s first camera, was an old Kodak Brownie (which she still has),  that belonged to her mother.  Sandy took that camera everywhere she could.  It finally stopped working when Sandy got sand in the Brownie while trying to take pictures of the waves (surprise!)  Sandy fascination with nature photography became a good combination.  “not all who wander,  are lost”, became words for her to live by.   Sandy has lived in many places,  far from here and traveled all over the country hiking.  Sandy is grateful every day,  to be back “home” in this beautiful place and to now have the time to wander again, with a camera!!

Sandy is an exhibitor in the auditorium at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters Visitor Center.  Her first exhibit was called “The Beauty of Change”.   The photographs showed erosion and Climate Change as a natural phenomenon.  The exhibit ran from Mid April 2017 through the end of June.