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Ghlee E. Woodworth, Author & Historian, Newburyport — 4 Comments

  1. Congratulations to Ghlee for her hard work and dedication to Newburyport, the trails and the environment! And thank you to Andy for this great website. Newburyport is lucky to have such dedicated and caring people.

    • Congratulations Ghlee! I am so happy it was you who took such an interest in our town and has cared so much about the important restoration of our beautiful cemeteries. I am looking forward to your next book. When we spoke the other day, I was so excited about the information you gave me on places to look for further history on my Dad’s old house, I totally forgot to ask you what the Title was! Thanks again for your prompt return phone call. Veronica Wall

    • Hi, Ned!

      I do know Ghlee, as does my wife. My wife paid Ghlee $15 for her book. She is to drop it off, at our house. I saw Ghlee Yesterday and reminded her. I will sell it to you at $15. When I get the book, I will send you an email to work out payment and delivery.


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