Successful Learn to Waterfowl Hunt Workshop at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

On November 4, staff from the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, MassWildlife, and Parker River NWR hosted a very successful Learn to Waterfowl Hunt workshop at the refuge. MassWildlife regularly hosts learn to hunt workshops for deer, turkeys, and other game; however, this was the only waterfowl course offering in 2018. Twenty-four novice hunters learned about effective scouting, decoy placement, cold-weather safety, and other essential information through in-field demonstrations related to waterfowl hunting in Massachusetts. MassWildlife surveyed the participants to improve next year’s workshop agenda.

Photo Credit: Astrid Huseby/MassWildlife

The workshop participants learned how to hide from waterfowl in salt marshes through in-field equipment demonstrations.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Northeast Region’s Refuge Highlights, October-November 2018

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