The Amesbury Rotary Club CSO Discharge Survey

The Amesbury Rotary Club is taking the lead in writing a grant that will be used to develop a software app to notify residents of CSO discharges into the Merrimack River. The app will allow users access to real-time information as to sewage discharges that occur upstream from Newburyport.

The grant requires a community needs assessment. We would like to get as many completed responses as possible.

The survey is at Please click here to take the survey.


Frank Cousins, Peter Doyle, and Andy Griffith

2 responses to “The Amesbury Rotary Club CSO Discharge Survey”

  1. Hello! I am a researched at BU who is starting to do work on CSOs in the Merrimack. Could someone from the Amesbury Rotary Club connect with me? Thanks!


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