Life Along the Merrimack Episode 24 – Bill Sargent

Dyke Hendrickson hosts a program for NCM Hub called “Life Along the Merrimack”. Bill Sargent joined Dyke Hendrickson on this episode of Life Along the Merrimack.

The interview was conducted on August 20, 2019, and published by

on Aug 22, 2019

One response to “Life Along the Merrimack Episode 24 – Bill Sargent”

  1. I am just learning about Bill Sargent. Having grown up in Newburyport and being surrounded by water as a child, the Merrimack River and Plum Island were my playground. Sad, the things we took for granted as a child, always loved both.
    However, as an “aging” adult, my love, curiosity, and respect for these bodies of waters keeps me coming back and helps me “rediscover” the beauty of my hometown. I can not wait to purchase your newest book Bill Sargent.

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