Lauren’s Piping Plover Report – 4/15/2020

Piping Plover Report – 4/15/2020

Lauren is a bio technician who works at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.
“I hope you are doing well and staying healthy! I have met some of you, but for those I haven’t, I am new-ish biotech here at Parker River. I started here last May but spent most of my time working with the invasive plant Pepperweed and helping with marsh restoration work. I also worked here 3 summers ago as a summer intern. Until our plover tech, Kiah, comes on for the season I will be conducting our plover surveys. I found quite a few little fuzzballs yesterday.”
“Here are the numbers for the survey I conducted yesterday (April 14th):”
12 pairs
5 single piping plovers
Total: 29 birds
“Notes: I saw hardly any other shorebirds during the survey (well other than gulls)! Most of the piping plovers were found in the wrackline, one reason the wrackline is so important. This total is smaller than usual and could be due to a number of reasons: our beach seems narrower than usual this year, it’s been quite rainy, the plovers may be arriving a little later.”
Best, Lauren

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