Nancy Pau’s Piping Plover Report – 5/9/2020

“It was nice doing plover survey again– it was nice to have sun again.  Tuesday was very windy and lots of kestrels

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hunting on the beach (I counted at least 10– at times, it seemed that there were more kestrels than plovers on the beach); and the plovers were hunkered down.  I didn’t get a good count on Tuesday, so redid the survey on Friday.”

“Tuesday: 6 pairs & 11 adults.  Most plovers were hunkered down and not moving.”
“Friday: 16 pairs & 6 adults.  This was more like Lauren’t survey from 2 weeks ago.  Birds are still moving around, but most seemed to have established territory.  1 pair was acting very defensive, and very close to nesting.   About 11 pairs seem to have established territories, and some even had scrapes.”
“There was 1 plover hanging out at the northern closed boundary.”
“I’ve merged the last 4 surveys into this report to better pick out the established territories.”
“Shorebirds, ducks (teal, gadwalls)

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showing up on the Refuge.”

“Kiah will be starting work on Monday, and will be the next plover survey!”

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