Kiah Walker’s Piping Plover Report – 7/17/2020

“I’m happy to report that plover chicks have started fledging (flying)! (We consider them fledged when they can fly at least fifteen meters, not when they can barely get off the ground.) In total, eight chicks from three broods have fledged, and more are close behind. We have at least 32 additional chicks from eighteen broods. We only have one pair left incubating eggs, and I expect the nest to hatch over the weekend. Least terns


Photograph from BirdWatching Magazine

are also incubating eggs and raising chicks, and they might start fledging as soon as next week. Least terns (a state-listed species) often have poor fledge rates, so it’s exciting to see some success this year, even with super narrow beach conditions!”

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