Deja Vu All Over Again – Plum Island’s Seawall In 1975

Recently, sand-filled “super sacs” were placed at Reservation Terrace.


Extracting Super-sacks Extraction From The Delivery Truck




“Plum Island & Salisbury MEMORIES”, Copyright © 2016 The Daily News, has a photograph (The Featured Image) with the following quote:

“Plum Island Point’s new seawall in January 1975.  The concrete seawall was an emergency measure taken by the Newburyport City Council in a last-ditch effort to stem erosion at the northernmost end of the island.  Gradually the erosion subsided, though it is not clear whether the wall could be credited with that.” Newburyport Daily News

The question is, will the sand-filled “super sacs” fair better?

Super Sacks in place


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