Video: “The Merrimack – River at Risk”

The Merrimack – River at Risk

The Merrimack River is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in America. Mills in cities such as Manchester and Lowell harnessed the power of the river to become the largest manufacturing plants in the world ⁠— and left polluted waters in their wake. Thanks a series of actions — from the protection of the White Mountains to the Clean Water Act of 1972 — the Merrimack’s waters are cleaner and better protected today. Remarkably, more than 80 percent of the Merrimack watershed is still undeveloped and largely forested. Yet, in 2016, it was named one of the most endangered rivers in the U.S.”

“Why is the Merrimack at risk? Can we save it?”

“Directed by Jerry Monkman and Produced by The Society for the Protection of NH Forests.”

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