Kiah’s Plover Report

“I’m writing with the first weekly plover update of 2021. In total, I counted 11 pairs and 15 single adults on Friday. Even though the beach looks narrower and lower than last year, the plovers are quickly settling in and preparing to nest (possibly earlier than usual). Several pairs already have well-built scrapes. On average, earlier nests tend to be more successful, so hopefully, this is a good sign. Thanks to both the new and returning plover wardens, whose presence is already limiting trespass and disturbance, allowing the plovers to “make themselves at home”/ as quickly as possible.”

“On a related note, I’ve also noticed a lot of crow and coyote activity already this year. If you happen to notice any crows nesting (possibly around Stage Island), please let me know. I’d like to monitor them as well.”

Kiah Walker (she/her)

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