New Explainer Video On Sewage (CSO) and Solutions in the Merrimack

Merrimack River Watershed Council has released a new video explaining why sewage is frequently discharged into the Merrimack, and what is being done to help solve the problem.
The 8-minute video, narrated by MRWC staff member Jose Tapia, looks at the causes of Merrimack’s sewage discharges — known as Combined Sewer Overflows or CSOs for short. The video also provides interviews with regional leaders who are trying to address the problem and tips on what concerned citizens can do to help.
While there are several videos available on the Internet that explain CSOs in general terms, this is the first video that specifically addresses CSOs in the Merrimack River. The video was produced by Elevated Thought, a Lawrence-based art, and social justice non-profit.


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