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Put Sand Dunes on Plum Island’s New Beach — 3 Comments

  1. Will more beach grass be added? That would help with keeping the sand in place and help with dune formation? But maybe I am dreaming ….

    • Plant the beach grass into a grid 40” x 40” to keep a grip on the sand so it won’t easily blow away and hopefully help to retain the sand when the tide rises up to the dunes.

  2. I know there is a lot of erosion of the sand dunes on Sandy Point Reservation beach, which is a shame, as the piping plover and other birds depend on these dunes for breeding. I believe that beachgrass should be planted into a 40” x 40” grid system on any new dunes or current dunes. To further prevent erosion of the dunes, I believe stainless steel mesh, similar to the mesh used by masons before applying cement, should be placed in front of the dune edge with small stones between it and the dune edge to stabilize the dune, so as to help hold it back from being washed away.

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