Plover Update – May 5th, 2024

There are many plovers running around out on the refuge beach. For the most part, they have paired up and established territories. Many pairs are beginning to make scrapes, but none are nesting quite yet. As of this week, I estimate there are ~30 pairs on the beach, although that’s likely a slight undercount. The big storms in January and April have changed how the beach and dunes look in most stretches, but there is still plenty of good nesting habitat for the plovers.

Another note: pairs are hanging out pretty close to both the North and South beach closures. Two pairs are setting up a bit south of the North closure at Lot 1, and one pair has territory just north of the South closure at Sandy Point.

Madelyn Kaplin
ACE Shorebird Biology and Visitor Services Member
Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

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