Plum Island Outdoors, Inc. is partnering with the following entities:

  • The Coastlines Project: “The Coastlines Project was established in 1985 to produce films, books, articles, and television show about coastal issues. So far we have helped produce several NOVA films and 18 books about coastal topics. We hope this blog will help connect people who live on coastal areas to help them understand and solve their common problems. Our blog will investigate specific areas where people are dealing with the effects of global warming, sea level rise, overfishing, habitat destruction and the siting of things like nuclear power plant and offshore oil facilities. People who may want to support our efforts may do so through PayPal at” The Principal is Bill Sargent.
  •  e-Awakening’s   Mission

    …. is to tell green stories and to get the messages out that need to be told.

    Our major focuses are on the “Preservation of Nature and Protection of Resources” while building a sustainable, healthy world.

     We want to shine the spotlight on the individuals, groups, and organizations that are making differences every day. This is a very important part of  e-Awakening.

    Our aim is to tell these positive stories that inspire us and we hope they will also inspire you our viewers.   

Plum Island Outdoors, Inc. is associated with the following entities:

  • The Great Marsh Coalition is a group of organizations and agencies that began meeting in spring 2000 to discuss ways of building a regional consciousness and identity for the Great Marsh. The Coalition supports a coordinated approach to education, research, protection, and management to promote preservation, restoration, and stewardship of the Great Marsh.