Camp Daniel R. Harrington


This project is a day camp named Camp Daniel R. Harrington.  Camp Sea Haven was for kids that had survived Polio but the results of the disease interfered with their ability to learn in the outdoors.  The purpose of Camp Harrington is to help urban (BIPOC) kids that have not been able to learn about the Great Outdoors because of access due to racism.  I took a 28-day workshop, “Me and White Supremacy“. I know what the term “White Savorism” means.  My commitment is to have a BIPOC group run Camp Daniel R. Harrington with the help of organizations such as the US Fish and Wildlife Service/Parker River NWS, Plum Island Outdoors, Joppa Flats Education Center, The Governor’s Academy, etc.  I have connected with Edward Carson, a Board Member of POSE.  He is Dean of Multicultural Education and has 15 years of experience as an educator, academic, published author, and history professor, specializing in Black studies and Christian Studies.  Mr. Carson works for The Governor’s Academy.  I am hoping that POSE will be instrumental, in running  Camp Daniel R. Harrington.

Project Goals

  • Collaboration of People and their perspectives
  • Change Maker’s idea of community, i.e. go beyond geographical meaning
  • Apply what Camp Sea Haven did for Polio Victims to help victims of Racism
  • Productive but fun!!
  • Alignment with the US Fish and Wildlife Refuge Service Mission
  • The building has to be Carbon free — An absolute requirement!

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