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  • Kiah’s Plover Report, 6/18

    Kiah’s Plover Report, 6/18

    “I’m writing with a belated plover update. We currently have at least 30 pairs of plovers and 18 pairs of least terns on the refuge. As of Friday, we had […]

  • Kiah’s Plover Report, 6/11

    Kiah’s Plover Report, 6/11

    “We finally have plover chicks! As you’re probably aware, one brood hatched on private property and then moved onto the refuge a week ago, and one brood hatched on the […]

  • Entire Parker River National Refuge Beach Is Closed

    Entire Parker River National Refuge Beach Is Closed

    From Ranger Matt Poole: “Effective sunset on June 4th, the ENTIRE refuge beach will be closed to all public access until further notice.  Why the change you ask?  Some piping […]

  • Kiah’s Plover Report, 6/3

    Kiah’s Plover Report, 6/3

    “The plovers haven’t started hatching yet, but it should be any day now. Unfortunately, the plovers and terns were hit hard by a combination of predators and bad weather over […]

  • Kiah’s Plover Report, 5/28

    Kiah’s Plover Report, 5/28

    “We currently have 20 active plover nests on the refuge. A few nests overwashed during the spring tides, which is to be expected. Unfortunately, predators (primarily crows) also took seven […]

  • Spring Beach Clean-up for the Plovers

    Spring Beach Clean-up for the Plovers

    On March 27, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge and The Friends of Parker River National Wildlife Refuge collaborated on the spring beach cleanup. About 30 volunteers removed about 400 pounds […]

  • Kiah’s Plover Report, 5/7

    The plovers have officially started nesting! I found four nests this week, including a nest inside a lobster trap for the second year in a row. Unfortunately, one of the […]

  • Kiah’s Plover Report, 4/27

    Kiah’s Plover Report, 4/27

    Plovers are continuing to trickle in, and I observed 24 pairs and 15 singles this week (a marked increase over the 9 pairs and 9 singles from last week). They’re […]

  • Kiah’s Plover Report, 4/15

    Kiah’s Plover Report, 4/15

    “High surf continued throughout the week, bringing with it some oddities (like a beaver that took a three-mile stroll) and making the beach extra narrow. Plovers are still trickling in […]

  • Kiah’s Plover Report

    Kiah’s Plover Report

    “I’m writing with the first weekly plover update of 2021. In total, I counted 11 pairs and 15 single adults on Friday. Even though the beach looks narrower and lower […]


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