By Bill Sargent and Andy Griffith

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The following recording is Win Damon interviewing Bill Sargent on WJOP.

Win Damon again interviewed Bill Sargent on WJOP, November 27, 2018.  Bill talks about his new book, “Coastal Discoveries”, his thoughts on the Army Core of Engineers, green vs. grey solutions to erosion, etc.

Who Was Parker?

Thomas Parker and James Noyes were Nonconformist Ministers who emigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1633.  They arrived at Ipswich (then called Agawam) and spent the winter of 1634 there before moving farther east.

The Landing at the Parker River

“In the spring of 1635, this small group of immigrants petitioned the General Court to leave Agawam and remove to Quascacunquen to begin a town there.  In the colonial records, it is noted:“

May 6th, 1635.

Quascacunquen is allowed by the court to be a plantation…  and the name of the said plantation shall be changed,and shall hereafter be called Newberry.

“The immigrants left Ipswich and rowed small boats known as shallops to the mouth of the Quascacunquen (now Parker) River.  They came ashore at a spot on the north shore, east of the present Parker River Bridge.  A commemorative boulder at the end of Cottage Road now marks the spot.”

Reference: Early Settlement of Newbury Massachusetts