By Bill Sargent and Sandy Tilton

Bill is a man of many words! After all is on a roll as a writer. Sandy is a woman of many photographs. I can’t say she is on a roll because she takes digital photographs, i.e. no film rolls. We combine both media and key people on this page. Sandy takes a photograph and supplies commentary about her photograph. Bill adds comments about the subject matter. Neither Sandy nor Bill, are at a loss for words. This works great on Facebook. I put it all together on the Website and who knows, I might through in my 2 cents worth.

The following recording is Win Damon interviewing Bill Sargent on WJOP.

Win Damon again interviewed Bill Sargent on WJOP, November 27, 2018.  Bill talks about his new book, “Coastal Discoveries”, his thoughts of the Army Core of Engineers, green vs. grey solutions to erosion, etc.