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offers birdwatching classes, guided, private tours, and educational programs.

Sue McGrath

Sue is a Newburyport resident. She’s the founder and program designer at Newburyport Birders which offers birdwatching classes, guided, private tours and educational programs. She has been observing birds for over thirty years and remains fascinated by bird behavior. Sue has traveled to observe birds throughout North America, Central America, the Senegambia region of West Africa and western Europe.

Sue served four terms as the President of the Essex County Ornithological Club and several years on the Club’s Council.

Sue is a member of the American Birding Association, the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, the Nuttall Ornithological Club, the Brookline Bird Club, the Seacoast Chapter of New Hampshire Audubon. She’s involved with the Friends of Parker River NWR and is the perennial volunteer Purple Martin landlord at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.

Sue assisted with the design of the Essex County Birding Trail.

Sue has been published in the New England-based, bimonthly journal for birders, “Bird Observer”. Her articles were on Bald Eagles nesting in the Lower Merrimack River and on the Purple Martins of Plum Island.

Sue’s weekly columns, “Winging It”, “Bird Watch” and “Birds in Our Neighborhood”, are published in three Essex County newspapers.

Recent Bird Sightings from Plum Island

Click here for the latest bird sightings on Plum Island.

American Bittern

Nancy Landry © 2016
Nancy Landry’s Galleries

The Plover Warden Diaries

Janet Egan has been writing a Blog about her experiences as a Plover Warden since 2000.  Janet’s Introduction: “Technical writing is my vocation. Birding is my avocation. Both are my passions.” 

The Audubon Bird Guide App

Audubon Bird Guide: North America is an outstanding mobile field guide resource completely updated to the current AOU checklist.  The app includes 821 species; advanced gallery view for easy comparison and search; field mark call outs; a “Find Birds with eBird” feature powered by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology; and a social community of birders who observe, identify, and share their observations and photos in the mobile app and online.”

Birding Watching Tips

An excellent Webpage for not only birding beginners but for novices is Beginner’s Guide to Bird Watching by HomeAdvisor.  The page was brought to our attention by a young lady, Alyssa, through her Grandmother.  Thank you, Alyssa, for your research!

Birdwatching Starter Kit

A starter kit for anyone interested in exploring the hobby of birdwatching can be found by clicking here.

How to Get Children Started With Bird Watching

By Hannah Miller

Snowy Owls

CBS “Sunday Morning” pays a visit to some snowy owls on Plum Island, Massachusetts. Videographer: Michael Clark.

Piping Plovers



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