Land Trails

Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

  • Pines Trail
  • North Pool Trail
  • Bill Foward Photo Blind Trail
  • Parking Lot 5 Boardwalk
  • Stage Island Pool Overlook
  • Stage Island Trail
  • Parking Lot 1 Boardwalk
  • Parking Lot 2 Boardwalk
  • Hellcat Wildlife Trail/Marsh Loop
  • Hellcat Wildlife Trail/Dune Loop
  • Parking Lot 6 Boardwalk
  • Parking Lot 7 Boardwalk


Bay Circuit Trail

The Bay Circuit Trail and Greenway provides a place for recreation while ensuring the protection of open space in the region by adding more “pearls” to the “emerald necklace.”

The Bay Circuit Trail starts out on Plum Island, running west on the Plum Island Turnpike, and turning towards Route 1A between the Plum Island Airport and the driveway to the Headquarters/Visitor Center of the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.  A map of this segment of the Bay Circuit Trail and Greenway can be viewed by clicking here.

e-Awakening is a partner of Plum Island Outdoors.   Part of their mission  is to tell green stories and to get the messages out that need to be told. The following video is their story of the Plum Island segment of the Bay Circuit Trail.


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