Knobbs Lifesaving Station

“Directly opposite the Knobbs on the Atlantic side of Plum Island was the Knobbs Beach Life -Saving Station, built in 1890. Captain Frank Stevens was given command, and during his 33-year career participated in the rescue of crews from over a hundred wrecked or stranded vessels. On May 4, 1893, the schooner “Brave” from Deer Isle was driven on the shore near Knobbs Beach and the Captain and three men were drowned.”

“Located in the Ipswich part of Plum Island, the lighthouse was so isolated that the crew had to store enough food to get them through several weeks in the winter. Bar Island Head was the south end of the beach patrol, and a crew member from the Knobbs station would walk north to a half-way point to meet a crew member from the identical life-saving station located at the northern tip of the island. The Knobbs station operated until the end of World War II.”


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