Bruce Thomson

Camp Sea Haven Counselor

“I took several photos of these same broken pieces of the camp’s swimming pool during one of my several return nostalgic visits to the site over the years! All that remains besides these chunks of the broken pool is the concrete pad that was the foundation for the generator shack on the roadway into the site! It reminded me of the ending of the original movie Planet of the Apes where they discovered the pieces of the Statue of Liberty buried in the beach sands! Having spent two summers as a counselor there in the mid-’60s, I have fond memories etched in my mind!”

“The time I spent my two summers working at the camp (1964-65 ), there was a significant drop in polio cases because of the vaccines so, the camp also took in cerebral palsy and other incapacitating children! At the end of my second and final stint at the camp, Dan offered me and another counselor an extra week of work which involved taking care of two adult victims of polio who had had severe cases and were fitting live in iron lungs ( albeit portable affairs ) and who were completely dependent on 24 care! If you have watched the Camp Sea Haven video which chronicles the camp and features a cameo of one of the gentlemen that we cared for in the intro …”

Cabins In the 50s

Steve Bradbury Jr.

Former Retired fire LT at Newburyport Fire Department

“July 4, 1950, the Girl ball team support Camp Sea Haven on Plum Island sponsored by Neptune Veteran Firemen’s Association as one of many endeavors for the camp by the association at the time period.”