Annie H. Brown and Juliette Marie Stott Museum & Observation Platform

Work in Progress

Please note:  The documentation of the following plan is not complete.  There are many details that need to be added including fieldwork.  The plan is described does not have any agreement outside of “Save the Newbury Pink House, Inc.”, now “Save the Newbury Pink House, Inc.” is out-of-business.    This includes any ad-hoc group, specifically “Support The Pink House” or the Federal Government.

The plan for the “Annie H. Brown and Juliette Marie Stott Museum & Observation Platform” is Copyright © “Save the Newbury Pink House, Inc.”

The Newbury Pink House Stakeholders

The stakeholders of, or parties interested in, the Newbury Pink House and the property on Plum Island Turnpike are:

  • U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service of the U. S. Department of the Interior
    The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service owns the property and is part of the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.  The manager of the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge Complex was Bill Peterson.
  • The descendants of Juliette Marie Stott:
    Bruce M. Stott, Mark L. Stott, Juliette Zelie Loring, and Craig W. Stott
  • The Newburyport area artist community both painters and photographers
  • Plum Island residents
  • Visitors of Plum Island and the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Potential Partners of “Save the Newbury Pink House, Inc.”

  1. Essex National Heritage Area Essex National Heritage Area Logo
    Tax Status: 501(c)(3)
    Mission:“Essex Heritage is a non-profit organization that rallies our community around saving the unique character of Essex County: the thousands of historic, cultural, and natural places that were crucial in shaping our nation; the places that led to this region’s designation as a National Heritage Area by an act of Congress in 1996; the places that make Essex County like nowhere else.”
  2. Greenbelt, Essex County’s Land Trust  GreenbeltEssexCountysLandTrust
    Tax Status: 501(c)(3)
    Greenbelt advances its mission through three areas of operation:

    1. Land Conservation
    2. Stewardship Department
    3. Community Engagement

    Significance: Greenbelt owns several pieces of property that have several features that would be of equal to or greater value to the Refuge.
    Contact: Mary Williamson, Director of Development &
    Community Engagement

  3. Mass Audubon  AudobonLogoTax Status: 501(c)(3)
    Mission:“To protect the nature of Massachusetts for people and for wildlife.”
    Significance: The Joppa Flats Education Center overlooks the Merrimack River.  The Pink House could provide Mass Audubon with an excellent view of the Great Salt Marsh.  The southern end of Plum Island was the property of Mass Audubon before  Parker River National Wildlife Refuge was formed in 1942, see below.
  4. Historic New England  HistoricNewEnglandLogo
    Tax Status: 501(c)(3)
    Mission: “Historic New England is the oldest and largest regional heritage organization in the nation. We share the region’s history through vast collections, publications, exhibitions, museum properties, and archives that document more than 400 years of life in New England.”
    Significance: Historic New England owns Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm which is next to the Headquarters Building of the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.  The Plum Island Community Airfield is part of the original Little Property.  Please read: Climbing Once Again: 2000 to Today.  From the Webpage:“In recent years the airport had run into problems over upkeep and its usage as fair grounds. Historic New England planned to forgo renewing the lease. When plans for closing the airport were made public in December 1999, the local community rallied around Plum Island airfield. Through letter writing, meetings with Historic New England, and articles in local newspapers, the New England aviation and local communities voiced their appreciation of the airport. They cited not only its recreational and economic benefits but also the historical role of Plum Island as the site of some of the earliest flights in New England.”“By the end of 2000, Historic New England had decided that keeping the airport open would be in the best interests of the public, as well as in keeping with the organization’s mission to document twentieth-century history.”“The new leaseholder was to be a non-profit organization under the name of Plum Island Community Airfield, Inc. (PICA), which developed from the grassroots group that had taken a very active part in trying to keep the airport open. PICA worked to develop a plan that would keep the airport in operation while simultaneously promoting local aviation history.”
  5. Trustees of Reservations  TheTrustriesLogo
    Tax Status: 501(c)(3)
    Mission: “The Trustees of Reservations preserve, for public use and enjoyment, properties of exceptional scenic, historic, and ecological value in Massachusetts.”
    The Trustees own the property on Cottage Road, Newbury, that is potentially interesting to Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.
  6. Parker River National Wildlife Refuge
    Tax Status: N/A, Federal Government
    Significance: The property that the Newbury Pink House stands on is owned by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service and managed as part of Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.
  7. Newburyport Art Association Newburyport Art Association Logo