1. Who sold The Pink House to the United States Department of the InteriorFish and Wildlife Service?
    Answer: Craig W. Stott, Mark L. Stott, Bruce M. Stott, and Juliette Zelie Loring, 09/01/2011.  Ref. Quick claim Deed: Bk: 30630 Pg. 516 Essex County, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  2. How much was The Pink House sold for?
    Answer: $375,000
  3. Who was the last occupant of The Pink House?
    Answer: Juliette Marie Stott
  4. When was the Pink House built?
    Answer: 1922
  5. When was the Pink House painted pink?
    Answer: Probably during the 60s, according to a Newburyport native.  However, I found the following picture with the Real Estate Listing from the 1920s.

    Original Real Estate Listing

  6. Are there any property sale encumbrances with the Quit Claim Deed for the sale of the Pink House Property to the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service?
    Answer: There are not any property sale encumbrances with the Quit Claim Deed.
  7. When did the Stott family get the deed for the Pink?
    Answer: November 4, 1966
  8. Who sold the Pink House to the Stotts?
    Answer: Margherita Norris